Antique fishing reels are a popular collectible among fishermen throughout the United States. In essence, each reel has its own set of fish tales to tell. They were cared for and used by men and women who fished for pleasure, for necessity, or simply for sport. There are also those collectors who marvel at the evolution of this simple, yet effective hand-powered machine. If you are collecting reels and want to stick with those that will increase in value over time look for these traits:. Types of antique fishing reels are as varied as the sport of fishing. However, there are a few major classifications that you should know about. Casting reels are geared for a rapid line retrieve.

Where can I find the evolution of a Ocean City Model 90 automatic fly reels…

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The main thing I’ve learned in the short time that I’ve been reading about, collecting, and fishing with old Penn reels is that there isn’t much documented history about Penn reels. Here’s a little of what I could scrape together. I’m sure there’s more out there that I don’t know about. The new company was born on the 3rd. Henze’s first reels in The Mod F was a ounce surf casting reel with genuine bakelite side plates.

The History of Penn Reels

F ishing T alks. Ocean city information. Any info on an Ocean City would be very appreciated!!! Any information on an Ocean City reel would be very appreciated!!! Thank you, Trish by Guest.

Dating system was not used on these reels that I know of. Search of eBay will give some information by reading the old ads that are listed on the reels.

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Ocean City #d Deep Sea Fishing Reel, W/box & Manual –NEW OLD STOCK delayed deliveries, please check the postmarked date to see when I mailed it.

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First Big Fish Classic Lives Up to Name

Where can I find the evolution of a Ocean City Model 90 automatic fly reels? I have 2 variations of the model 90 and can’t find any info on them. Very little info exists on a few of the OC models and an abundance on some of the models. The model 90 automatic is my quest at this time. There is little interest in Ocean City reels because they were inexpensive and so many were made.

Trade Reel – “Deep Sea Angler” ‘s (Pre-Baymaster) Freshwater base, mottled spool and knob, no part numbers, late ‘s Bridge City ( yd).

Please login or register. Sensei Member Online Posts: The Mystery of Penn’s First Reel Interesting article from Penn’s catalog attached Otto worked as a machinist for Ocean City and learned enough to design and manufacture fishing reels. Henze left Ocean City Reels Company around , with the intent of starting his own company.

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Order by:. Available to:. Made in USA Size: 2. There is a chip in the outside cover plastic bakalite Please see the pictures as they tell the whole story.

OCEAN CITY- The inaugural Big Fish Classic in Ocean City last but old in the sense it will evoke Ocean City’s century-old sportfishing past. The crew on the “​Reel Intents” took first place with a pound Man Sentenced In Last June’s Boardwalk Stabbing; He Has Served 13 Months To Date. Pa.

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Old Penn reels 77, 78, 85 Sea-Boy, 112 Ocean City, 36B Penn Catalog